What are YOU doing to fight illegal immigration?

It seems illegal immigration is like global warming, not much good is happening under the current pdt, judging by the no-match letters still blocked, illegals still around CA and other states except OK, no wall built at a speed faster than ‘escargot’, it seems people have to do it themselves.

I want to know what you are doing. Here are my ways to save this nation (since it is illegal to round up an illegal by myself):
-I wrote to my senators to ask them to stop the ‘Mexican invasion’
-I write to my Mayor (LA) to ask him to ban the sanctuary city etc
-I’ve sent a letter of congratulations to Oklahoma
-I’ve talked and emailed stores to ask ‘english only’
-I’m doing my own garden
-i’ve put a ‘secure the borders-stop the invasion’ yard sign
-i’m driving with a conservative AM radio bumper sticker
-i’ve donated to many patriotic causes
-homeimprovement: I’m not hiring anyone with a spanish name
-I called ICE on a few occasions (very busy line)
-Anything important i forget?

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  1. Zarathustra says:

    i am shopping at wal mart
    I agree with Gaildy too bad the native americans could deport all the illegal europeans

  2. Fredrik R says:

    I immigrated legally. But not to your country.

  3. M G says:


  4. eskie lover says:

    We check all of the contractors we use to determine whether they are using illegal labor. We also don’t hire from know day labor site where illegals congregate to find work. We don’t answer the door when we see known illegal laborers who frequent our neighborhood looking for work. We blog and often speak to businesses who may unwittingly know that they are using contractors known to hire illegal labor. We are actively involved with our school board to quell bond issues affecting property tax payers for new or expanded programs for illegals in our school district. We have contacted our elected officials to support securing the borders and other proposed local ordinances discouraging free services for those who entered the country illegally. We have contacted the ICE to report a builder who was knowingly hiring illegal labor.

  5. gaildy says:

    too much fighting. native americans probably wish they’d’ had tighter immigration laws. who says it’s OUR country???? how did YOU get to be here?

  6. Ama-san says:

    Wow. I support your actions. The only thing I’ve been doing is spreading awareness.

  7. Be nice says:

    Due to current laws I have to plead the 5th on this one.

  8. Vivena says:

    I just don’t appreciate it in general-what can I do? I don’t hire people without a green card.

  9. subwm4bush says:

    Watching FOX news, listening to conservative radio and STILL supporting OUR President Bush’s Amnesty Plan. Still employing the cheapest labor and buying the cheapest foreign products!

  10. Simon C says:

    I’m getting my g/f a visa using the PROPER channels and paying for it.

  11. Rudy H says:

    I have written emails to my elected officials at the state and federal level. I may run against Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) Arakansas for her US Senate seat if she does not become more active in trying to stop the invasion. We have a serious problem here in Arkansas. There have been more illegal’s make Arkansas home per capita in the last five years than any other state. I believe that I could beat her just on this issue alone.

  12. Moonman E says:

    actually, the country is undergoing a change that will make us much like the European and African unions. It’s called the NATU (North American Trade Union). This will illuminate all boarders within the North American Continent thus replacing our currency with what will be called the AMERO. So our immigration problem will only grow because there is loose immigration laws in central America which will make access into this country alot easier.

  13. Not To Serious says:

    I have e-mailed my Senators

  14. Your Highness says:

    Well, I was playing a video game with my uncle yesterday.

    My character kicked his character in the face, so, technically, I was fighting illegal immigration.

    And why wouldnt you hire anyone with a spanish name? I’m totally 100% American and I have a spanish name. That’s just cruel :(

  15. Thomasina Paine says:

    Spread awareness. Email and call my senators and congressman almost weekly. Belong to and contribute to Numbersusa. And just in case a dem wins in 08 I just joined the NRA! I only hire Americans.

  16. Mother of 5/Madre de 5 says:

    I am educating the American people

  17. Shaneladd says:

    I have written letters to the editor of several news sources. I post questions about immigration at Y/A. I have sent many faxes and emails to my politicians for free at Numbersusa and CAPS, and by using Congress.org, http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/
    I am a participate at the Excite board: http://communicate.excite.com/
    I have a yahoo 360 blog where I write articles, comment on news, and post info on immigration and other important issues.
    I joined YouTube where I comment and vote on videos related to immigration.

    I belong to several organizations that are fighting the illegal alien invasion:Protect Our Border Now: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/protectourbordernow
    NumbersUSA – http://www.numbersusa.com
    The ALIPAC Team http://www.alipac.us
    Grassfire – http://www.grassfire.org/
    Californians for Population stabilization – http://capwiz.com/caps/home/

  18. allen a says:

    you forgot to arm yourself.guns and ammo,just in case……….

  19. paintingj says:

    Buy things made in Mexico. That way there will be good jobs in Mexico so they will not need to come here.

  20. Gary R says:

    Here is something else you you can do!

    Stop eating and drinking!!! Everything comes from the hands of this “illegal” immigrants.

    Stop wearing clothes: Everything you wear that’s American made comes from the hands of illegal aliens.

    Move out of that trailer park!

    Move to West Virginia, where you’ll be sorrounded with people that share your way of thought!

    Get a freaking job you useless piece of poop!!!

    and if this doesn’t work…………..Drop Dead!!!!

    All you racist pigs that have nothing to say but rude things about anyone who’s not white can follow this guidelines. It will serve a great purpose to our country!!!

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